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Few things rival the satisfaction of flying in your own private jet. Nothing says "success" more than being able to travel the world without having to wait in endless lines to have you and your family subjected to the humiliation of being groped as a "security" precaution. Experience freedom...experience private jet travel!


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Aircraft Manufacturers


Maunfacturers of titan private jets


Photo of 747 VIP


Boeing aircraft company offers a complete line ofcolossal private jets ranging from the signature Boeing Business Jet (a modified 737) to the 747 VIP and the slightly smaller 777 and 787. The sky is the limit with respect to customization of such aircraft. They are indeed palaces in the sky. Ownership of a colossal private jet undoubtedly separates the millionaires from the billionaires.





Photo of Airbus

Like Boeing, Airbus offers a complete line of titan private jets. The largest, thus far, is the A380 which is a staggering 300 feet in length. Such an aircraft is not for the financailly faint-hearted, given that one client is spending in excess of $500 million for one.








Manufacturers of large and medium size private jets

Photo of Global express Bombardier is the manufacturer of several business jets including the Global Express, Challenger, and the famous Learjet.
Photo of Citation X Cessna offers a full line of private jets. Its shining star is the new Longitude. Although somewhat similar to the Citation X,tThe Longitude has a range of 4000nm, almost 800nm more than the Citation X.
Photo ofLegacy Embraer is the manufacturer of Legacy and Phenom jets and the 3rd largest manufacturere of commercial aircraft.


Photo of Falcon jets

The Falcon jet has been around for 50 years as has its American rival Learjet. Distinctive stvling and performance drive the desireabilty of Falcon jets.
Photo of Gulfstrem Gulfstream is synonomous with wealth and fame. The latest aircraft to come from the company is the Gulfstream 650. It has a cruising speed of 600 mph and a range of 7000 miles. The Gulfstream family also includes a couple of smaller jets the G150 tand the G280. Of course, Gulfstream still has the famous GIV, only in an superior new model called the G450. The GV is now the amazing G550.




Fractional Ownership


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FlexJet Blue Star Jets Aibus
FlightOptions CitationAir Boeing
Marquis Jet Executive Jet Managment Challeger
Vitesse Jet Aviation Citation
XOJet JetOne Falcon
  Jet Suite Global Express
  Sentient Gulfstream
  SkyBridge Private Air LearJet
  TAG Aviation Legacy
  Talon Air Phenom

Aircraft Customization

For clients seeking to have their aircraft completely customized from the inside out or are seeking a firm to customize a private jet being delivered "green," the following are a few of the highly regarded "Completion firms" in the world.
For titan jets such as the Boeing Business Jet For medium to large private jets  
Associated Air Center Duncan Aviation  
Gore Design Completions Elliot Aviation  
Jet Aviation USA Goderich Aircraft  
Lufthansa Technik